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Winter time is the worst time for your HVAC Tulsa system to blow out on you. That’s when you have to make sure that you are prepared to give AB Service Company a call in order to get things going. It’s really all about providing our customers with the services that they need the most, especially when they need it the most! Whether you need a full furnace installation or just furnace repair, our Tulsa heat and air techs will guide you to decide the best solution for not only your home, but your budget! We do this because we care about our customers and we want to make sure that they are being treated right.

There are many things that can go wrong with your heating system, it can easily be the igniter, the gas valve, the pressure switch, or the blower motor, even the control board! Trust me, we have seen it all! Once we found a dead bird clogging up the heating system! And that was after other HVAC contractors replaced the control board unnecessarily, as well as the pressure switch and the gas valve! So if you are told you need a new unit and Tulsa furnace installation, give us a call for a second opinion. We are quick to get there and honest about what the situation is and the best option for you. You can trust our company to get your furnace installation right the first time! We are the Tulsa HVAC and Tulsa heat and air pros!